Take your earnings to the next level by fully integrating and automating your business.

We provide integrated automation solutions that will change your business

ZOTTO specializes in technologies that Automize and Optimize your business operations, at any stage. Using ZOTTO Data Science and AI technologies, we constantly refine these operations.

Deliver outcomes tailored to each individual customer.

Zotto provides an all in one completely integrated platform for the hospitality industry.Each module talks to all others providing venues with a multidimensional picture of every operation. ZOTTO AI uses the collected data to optimize, predict and Automate the performance of the venue's operations.

To make payments more secure and personalized, ZOTTO usesa fully automated payment process at every stage of checkout.

We enable food suppliers to know which raw materials their customers will need for the next day's sales. Using multidimensional data collected from our venue management and inventory platforms, we fully automize the ordering of the required raw materials.

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Automated Bar

Manage any number. of accounts, in € & £ and in 17 currencies

Automated Payroll

Using attendance, time and tips data, salaries are automatically paid through the ZOTTO Employee management platform. Payments are distributed directly to employees’ bank account at the specified time.

Staff Attendance Automation

ZOTTO staff Attendance tab checks every employee into work using facial recognition, and automatically checks body temperature at the same time for health control.


Increase visibility and add control over your funds with ZOTTO Business accounts.

Easily Track and Analyse Your Business Finances using ZOTTO DATA SCIENCE TOOLS.

  • Automate accounting with tools you already use like QuickBooks
  • Automate your payrolls with integration of ZOTTO employee management.
  • Automate your purchasing with integration of ZOTTO 3C ERP platform.


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