Kopo Kopo Business Cash Advance

Business opportunities are for the taking and every business deserves the opportunity to grow. This is the philosophy behind our unsecured business cash advance product. Expansion, business capital injection require funding and Kopo Kopo’s business cash advance is a quick solution for these needs. Under such circumstances, rest assured that Kopo Kopo will provide quick financing to move your business forward.

Get fast access to a business cash advance

Your business qualifies for a cash advance after consistently transacting on a Lipa Na Mpesa till acquired through Kopo Kopo for 90 days. Every business is unique and your transaction volumes and patterns will determine your cash advance limit. The more customers pay you with Lipa Na MPESA, the bigger your cash advance limit.

Easy application process

Whether you are applying from your computer or your phone, Kopo Kopo gives you the convenience to submit your application through any channel that suits you. Requests are approved within 24 hours and funds are disbursed immediately so that you can quickly put your business cash advance to work right awa


Whether you need to expand your business or increase stock, we are here to help you grow and prosper.

Make effortless repayments

Your business cash advance is automatically paid back at an agreed percentage from your daily Lipa Na M-PESA sales. You make repayments at the pace of your business. If for some reason your business slows, your repayments are also slowed down. We have made the process so simple so that it does not take the focus away from growing your business.

“The Kopo Kopo business cash advance has no collateral requirements, I got cash immediately, repayments were automatically deducted from daily sales and my stock levels increased.”

— Dibon Sewe, Smash Autospares

Quick disbursement

Once approved, a cash advance is disbursed immediately to your Kopo Kopo account. You can then transfer the funds to your bank account or M-Pesa wallet.

Effortless payback

The percentage deducted from daily sales is a mechanism that ensures the journey to repayment is simple and seamless.


Having established a great relationship with your business, the application and approval process is guaranteed to be a smooth experience.