Data Science Platform

Use your Data to improve operations and increase profitability

Your End-to-End Machine Learning Platform

Automate the entire your business from operations,
employee management, purchasing, and more.

The internet, the empowered customers, and COVID-19 are
creating huge pressures on all businesses today. From
determining ways to reach the right customers with the
right message at the right time, to ensuring efficiency
across distribution channels, ZOTTO can help you use AI to
create differentiation strategies that transform your business.


We Understand your Business Needs!

The ZOTTO Data Science Platform enables you to turn your most ambitious data-driven strategies into practical solutions for everything frompersonalized recommendations to supply chain optimization

Understand your business

Enjoy total visibility over all aspects of your business. Make faster, smarter decisions. Analyse sales, labour, employee performance and your complete inventory to quickly identify opportunities for growth.

Automated A.I. forecasting

Predict the future with the power of machine learning; always order the right amount, eliminate waste, and never be overstaffed or understaffed again.

Run your business from anywhere

ZOTTO is built for mobile, so wherever you are, at home, in transit or on the beach, you can keep track. Our AI will also send you notifications for anything urgent, so you can relax, knowing that you won’t miss a thing.

All your data in one place

integrates with all POS, staff scheduling, inventory and reviews platforms and inventory management, allowing you to improve communication, save time, and reduce errors.

Staying Ahead with Personalization & Optimization Strategies

Increase visibility and take control of your business decisions

Always Track and Analyse Your Business using ZOTTO DATA SCIENCE TOOLS.

With our powerful tools you can instantly benchmark your performance against other locations, time periods, teams, dishes, and business targets. Quickly identify opportunities for improvement and deliver increased performance and enhanced profitability.


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