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Employee Management

Group your employees into departments or skill and performance-based collectives. Schedule the right staff, at the right times across different roles or locations. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training and cost.

Employee Scheduling

Managing a shift-based business is complicated.Creating work schedules that suit your business requirements is an ongoing challenge. With ZOTTO’s multi-factor scheduling, simplify scheduling, as our AI and Data Science technologies provide the best options every time.

Time tracking

ZOTTO’s punch clock feature allows employees to clock-in through a ZOTTO employee pad that includes both temperature measurement and face recognition. End “buddy punching” using facial recognition or simply switch to a unique employee pin.

Health Check

A sick employee can pass illness to other employees and your clients. To combat this, our system checks the temperature of every employee and takes a picture when an employee clock in. All data is sent to the manager to take action if required.


ZOTTO can calculate employee wages for every shift according to your local laws or employment contracts — including overtime pay or premium rates. Set up different rates for different roles, generate pay slips and pay every employee automatically (optional) directly to their account.


Zotto provides interconnected, comprehensive reports about your employee’s performance, productivity, and motivation. We connect multidimensional data from POS, KDS, order watch, and employ management to provide you a complete picture of your employee’s performance.

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