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The right payment processing can help streamline your business operation, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability. That’s why Global Payments Integrated and Zotto, Inc. have teamed up to bring you innovative, integrated payment processing. Our solutions are fast, convenient, reliable and secure – best of all, they’re already integrated into your existing software.

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Why choose Global Payments Integrated and Zotto, Inc.?

Seamless Integration

All transactions are fully integrated within your Zotto, Inc. software, reducing double entry, costly errors and reconciliation times.

Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Accept all major payment types, including credit, debit and chip cards, plus mobile, online and digital wallets.

Advanced Security

Help protect cardholder data and help prevent fraud with encryption and tokenization.

Automatic Card Updates

Reduce declines with automatic updates of lost,
stolen andexpired credit cards.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Rely on our award-winning phone support, recognized
by a global consumer insights leader.


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