Inventory solution

Innovative inventory management solution

Share Real-Time Inventory Levels Across Multiple Channels

Monitoring the Stock

Zotto’s inventory management software gives you invaluable stock data at both the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. It calculates the balance of your stock automatically and tallies it with the available physical stock levels.

Raw Material Management

You’re a happy owner when your restaurant is in demand — that is until you run out of supply mid-service. You don’t need that stress, and with ZOTTO's award-winning restaurant inventory management system, you’ll never be caught off-guard by low food inventories again.

Recipe Management and Costing

You’ll know at a glance how much each menu item costs in terms of raw ingredients. With a clearer idea of what you make from each dish, you’ll be able to drop underperforming items from your menu and focus on thosethat are more profitable to serve.

Shelf Life Management

For each of the items in the inventory, you can specify for how long they can be storedand subsequently used, before being treated as spoiled. If the items were not used during that period, due to slow sales or some other reason, you will receive notification along with the reason for the incident.

End-to-end visibility

From initial delivery to dispatch, have complete visibility overyour entire inventory in real-time. Work cohesively throughout multiple site locations and automatically capture detailed component specifics.

Fully integrated

The Zotto inventory module is easily integrated with your website, point of sales system, mobile application, self-ordering platform and online market places, giving you complete, detailed oversight of your stock control.

A complete solution with Web base back office and full mobility with mobile App,

Zotto Inventory App is designed to make your inventory management easier and more efficient. Simply use Web or mobile inventory app every time you (or anyone on your team) need to make a change or update. Use you mobile App to:

• Track inventory on desktop, tablet or mobile
• Make purchase orders
• Check your daily usage
• And more

More inventory features

Barcode Printing & Scanning

Label each product with itsown SKU usingour built-in barcode label or regular inkjet printer support, and later scan the barcodes to avoid costly shipping mistakes.

Profit & Loss

With a complete integrated platform from sourcing to shipping, you can get a clear answer to the most important question – which products are profitable, and which are not.

Handle adjustments &returns

Zotto replenishes stock levels when items are returned and approved to be resold. Quickly make small changes to your inventory levels whether from damaged products or marketing giveaways.

Forecast upcoming demand

Accurately forecast your inventory requirements for upcoming periods. ZOTTO remains precise by leveraging ZOTTO AI and data science technologies.

Inventory Automation

Put repetitive tasks on autopilot with custom order rules. Automatically tag orders, print templates, add internal notes and set preferred shipping carriers and services.

Advertise low stock levels

Create urgency on your product pages by showing stock levels that are lower than the actual inventory on-hand.

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