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Zotto specializes in providing omnichannel payments solutions at checkout, card-present and online, such as Card payments, Contactless payments, Bank account to Bank payments and Link payments.

We take time to understand your business needs and develop bespoke solutions that best fits your requirements, while assisting you with building customer trust.

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CUSTOMIZED Business Accounts

One platform for all sales channels

Omni Channel

Deliver a common commerce experience for every customer, whether in store, in-app, online, on phone or wherever your business goes.Our seamless omni channel payment solutions build brand trust and encourage use confidence. Bank to bank payment structures and a range of card payment options to suit any business deliver the comprehensive payment platform that your business needs.

Multinational Platform

Simplify International payments with a single platform. Weprovide payment processing in the UK, EU and USA , allwith the same ease of service, technology, and business model, allowing you to offer the same in-person, white-glove service internationally.

POS Payments

Enjoy smart point of sale solution for your high-volume businesses and deliver any customer experience. Use the same device both as countertop,Pinpad and Portable payments solution for ease of use and familiarity.

Instant payout 24/7/365

Cash is king. Why wait days to receive your money when with ZOTTO, money is settled in your account instantly. No more delays or waiting for processing, just instant access to your funds!

Simple Integration

Using state of the art technology that adapts to any business, restaurant, hotel, or shopper journey, we providethe advanced features to fit your business, with seamless integration of our omni channel solution and end to end technical support.

Advance Reporting

Follow and track all your transactions online or from your mobile phone, powered by ZOTTO’s Data Science technology. Have the insight you need to make key decisions and build effective strategy with comprehensive data and our clear interface.


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