Reopening poses a profound challenge to businesses.

At its heart is the new reality of social distancing – the requirement to keep a 2m (6.5ft) gap between staff, customers, and colleagues to avoid the risk of coronavirus spreading.

ZOTTO, can offer your venue, products, and technologies, to create ‘COVID-safe workplaces,’ and be ready to safely welcome customers when the government gives the ‘green light’.

Using our real-time data science technologies, we can offer you products to control and protect both employees and customers. Our products include limiting the number of people in a venue at the same time and enabling customers to order food from distance.

With ZOTTO you can focus on your customers and their safty.

CUSTOMIZED Business Accounts

Control, Prevent, & Win Trust

Employee Control

An infected employee can infect the rest of the employees and your customers, therefore using ZOTTO employee management and Tab, during the clocking-in, we measure each employee’s temperature and take a picture, sending the data to the manager and all the data is kept on record in Zotto back office.

Customer Count Controlling

Using AI-based customer headcount camera and Kiosk display, ZOTTO offers you the tool to automatically to control and limiting the number of people in a venue at the same time.

Pay Safe

Keep your customers and employees safe, allow your, customers, to pay at distance from the safety of their own mobile phones. With ZOTTO link pay technology, you can send a link from your POS, mPOS, ZOTTO back office, or from ZOTTO link pay APP.

Self Order Kiosk

With ZOTTO Kiosk, your customers can order from a distance, feeling more satisfied and spending more than usual. Meanwhile, you’re saving on labor costs and improving same-store revenue right along with your customer experience. Sound amazing? That’s the power of ZOTTO Self-Ordering Kiosks for restaurants.

Web & Mobile Ordering

Win trust, let your customers order from the safety of their own phones! Save money and time by enabling your customers to self-order using their mobile app in the store or online from their work or home. Integrated with your ZOTTO POS system and receive Orders directly into your kitchen Display system.Orders confirmation by Email & SMS Provide order confirmation & delivery times Alert your customer when food is ready

Zero or Low Investment

We consider our customers as our business partners, always aiming for longterm business, therefore we are absorbing all the software costs and providing the hardware with minimum or no margin.We want our customer to open safely and become profitable again as soon as possible!


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