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Advanced, user-friendly POS with system with comprehensive tools to fuel your growth. With quick item look-up, easy customer creation, split payments and painless returns.

Omnichannel order management, OMS, Ship from Store, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect. Automatically arrange your shipments, automatically order products when you are low on stock.

Use Zotto’s data science technology to improve your profitability, ZOTTO Data Science will empower you to understand your business and manage your omnichannel systems, ensuring excellent service

Tailored Made for YOUR Venue

Embrace the new reality of retail: Go online, Harness data science, go mobile and delight your customers. Our omnichannel ERM and point of sale features are designed for retailers focused on growing profitably.

Automated, all-in-one Retail management platform

Centralized view of your online and offline operations

Manage inventory, orders, warehousing, accounting, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, suppliers, POS and CRM all in one centralized system.

A powerful all-in-one retail operations platform for vendors

Fully integrated

Using theZotto integration plugin, seamlessly integrate your brick and mortar stores to your online website and ordering portals such as Amazon and eBay. Manage your entire business from one platform.

Sales OrderManagement

Our Advance POS platform with ecommerce integrations allows you to manage all your sales channels in one single system. Handle high order volumes with ease andenjoyreal-time, accurate inventory updates.

Multichannel inventory management

With instant updates across all your ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and brick and mortar stores, know exactly what inventory you need, avoiding damaging out-of-stock or oversold product mistakes.

Manage your supplies:

Always ensure you have the right product available in the right quantity at the right time through the right channel. Automate your product purchasing cycle to make sure that you never run out of stock again.

Integrated shipping

With our shipping management integrations, you can easily manage all your shipping carriers in one place. Flexible order fulfillment allows you to partially fulfill, dropship and manage your back orders with ease.

Mobile App

With our integrated warehouse management APP, you can simply scan barcodes on items and automatically update your inventory levels. The system supports all common barcode types and can even have multiple barcodes assigned to a single product.

Employee Management

Track the efficiency of your employees with ZOTTO employee management platform, manage your staff schedules and track labor costs.


ZOTTO provides you tools to market your products to new and existing customers, with a range ofcoupons, discounts, offersand more.

Client Management

Thebetter you know your customer, the better you can provide world-class service they are looking for. Know your customers’preferences and frequency of visit instantly.

Product analytics

Transform siloed product data into revenue generating opportunities with key product metrics at SKU and category level across all of your sales channels.


Provide omnichannel payments service to your customers, with a simple checkout process to improve the customer experience and shorten your sales time.

Gift Card

Issue Customized loyalty and gift cards to your customers. Provide the opportunityto buy gift and loyalty cards from your website and pay or top-up in the venue.

Advanced Analytics

Keep all of your activities’ key indicators at your fingertips in real-time and focus on decision-making.

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