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POS – Mobile App – Website

Using ZOTTO POS, order quicker and sell faster, Cibo’s simple software helps you optimize the training and onboarding process.

Now your customers can breeze through your restaurant line faster, feeling more satisfied and spending more than usual

Automate your restaurant with the latest technology!
Save money and time by empowering your customers, allowing them to self-order using their mobile app in the store or online from their work or home.

Tailored Made for YOUR Venue

Run a smart business with an all in one venue management system. Smart enough to help you run the full house, front to back. ZOTTO is powerful enough to do it all from one system. Now you can take orders and payments as fast as your customers expect, with money settled in your account instantly.

ZOTTO helps you manage your team, run promotions and gift card programs, pull sales and end-of-day reports.

With ZOTTO you can focus on your customers and their dining experience.

Zotto hospitality ecosystem includes Banking, Payments and Automation services, Business Current Account together the best-in-class hardware, software, and services you need to deliver on your customers’ needs.
Easy, Flexible all-in-one solution

Call Centre

Never lose an order again!With our Zotto call centre software, your restaurant phone is never engaged. Our software solution allows you to convert any computer into a call centre, so that you can take orders anywhere any time, and it will be automatically sent straight to yourkitchen

Cloud Based Back Office

Run your entire restaurant from anywhere you want, anytime you need.
Streamline your operations in real-time. Zotto features cover every aspect of your operation, including food menu, inventory, recipe management, purchasing, labour management, marketing, and reporting, enabling you to control and reduce food costs by highlighting spending variances. It offers easy access to crucial data, including stock-on-hand, low stock, and a range of popular product reports for informed decision making.


You’re a happy owner when your restaurant is in demand — that is until you run out of supply mid-service. You don’t need that stress, and with ZOTTO's award-winning restaurant inventory management system, you’ll never be caught off-guard by low food inventories again.
You’ll know at a glance how much each menu item costs in terms of raw ingredients. With a clearer idea of what you make from each dish, you’ll be able to drop the underperformers from your menu and focus on items that are more profitable to serve.


ZOTTO provides the essential tools to market your products to new and existing customers. Implement Happy Hours, Discounts, Coupons and more.

Client Management

The better you know your customer, the better you can provide the world-class service they want. Know their preferences and frequency of visit instantly.

Gift Card

Issue customized loyalty and gift cards to your customers. Provide the opportunity to buy gift and loyalty cards from your website and pay or top-up in the restaurant.

More Restaurant Features
Order Management

To make sure your customers are served quickly and correctly, we have developed a state-of-the-art suite of back of house tools, including Kitchen Display System, Ticket Display System and more.

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